DesignerVlaada Chvátil
ArtistStéphane Gantiez, Tomáš Kučerovský
PublisherCzech Games Edition, MINDOK, Bergsala Enigma, Brain Games, Cranio Creations, Cuaca Cerah Games, Devir, DiceTree Games, Fantasmagoria, GaGa Games, Gém Klub Kft., Golden Egg Games, Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Hobby Japan, IELLO, Kaissa Chess & Games, Lex Games, More Fun Co., Ltd., Nordic Games GmbH, One Moment Games, Pridemage Games, Rebel, TWOPLUS Games, White Goblin Games
Year Published2015
# of Players2 - 8
User Suggested # of Players Best with 8+ players
Recommended with 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8+ players
(630 voters)
Playing Time15
Mfg Suggested Ages14 and up
User Suggested Ages10 and up
(125 voters)
Language DependenceUnplayable in another language
(112 voters)
CategoryCard Game, Deduction, Party Game, Spies/Secret Agents, Word Game
MechanicMemory, Partnerships, Press Your Luck
ExpansionCodenames: Authors & Games, Codenames: Bonus Pack – Board Gaming (English), Codenames: Bonus Pack – Board Gaming (German), Codenames: Bonus Pack – CGE Games, Codenames: Bonus Pack – Weihnachten, Codenames: Bonuskaarten 2016, Codenames: Cartes promo – Personnalités, Deutscher Spielepreis 2016 Goodie Box, Fedőnevek: Magyar bónusz csomag, Tajniacy: Nowi Agenci, Tajniacy: Obcy Agenci, Tajniacy: Sami Nieswoi
Primary NameCodenames
Alternate NamesCodenames Edisi Indonesia, Codi secret, Código secreto, Codinomes, Fedőnevek, Krycí jména, Krycie mená, Nome in Codice, Nume de Cod, Tajniacy, Κωδική Ονομασία, Кодови имена, Кодовые Имена, שם-קוד, コードネーム, 機密代號, 行动代号, 코드네임

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